To That You Were Dry: The Rules of Selecting The Deodorant

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? Are aluminum salts dangerous? Is it true that men’s remedies are more effective? Stick, spray, roller or cream? What is the feature of fashionable mineral deodorants? And what if all of the above does not work? Heat and stress increase sweating, explain how to save blouses, dresses, and most importantly – a reputation.

The mechanism of action of deodorant is based precisely on the difficulty of bacterial multiplication and absorption, that is, the absorption of unpleasant odors emanating from the human body. It should be understood that deodorant, unlike antiperspirant, does not reduce the activity of sweat glands and does not reduce the amount of secreted secretions.

Like any other product, a quality deodorant must meet many criteria that each buyer sets for himself. However, in addition to ease of use, fragrance, safety and many other factors, the effectiveness of the product is primarily important for the buyer. It should best mask or eliminate sweat even on hot summer days. One of the most influential factors on the effectiveness is the form of issuance of funds.

The rating of the best deodorants for a bad smell is opened by DEODORANT-ANTIPERSPIRANT PRO LS from LAB SERIES. Ideal for men with heavy sweating. If you apply the product after the evening shower on the dried out skin, within a day is guaranteed not only the absence of smell, but also the absolute dryness of the skin of the armpits. Deodorant does not contain fragrances and does not have a smell, it is combined
with any perfume or toilet water.

The second in the rating is CEDRAT, L’OCCITANE. For many men, the main thing in deodorant is a compact size and a pleasant unobtrusive aroma. Deodorant stick Cedrat from L’Occitane meets all these requirements: in a matter of minutes the citrus aroma remedy neutralizes the smell of sweat and gives a feeling of freshness. Though this is not a hypoallergenic friendly deodorant.

The third line is given to the cream «7 DAYS» TRAITEMENT ANTI-TRANSPIRANT from VICHY. Yes, yes, it’s not mistake, deodorant Vichy really relieves sweat and bad smell for a whole week. Its main difference is the presence of very small particles that penetrate deep into the ducts of the sweat glands, and do not simply create a water-repellent film on the surface of the skin, as conventional deodorants do. But to use cream you need a special scheme: first apply 4 days in a row (from Monday to Thursday), in the second week – 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
Starting from the third week – 2 days in a row (for example, on Monday and Tuesday). Thus, the remedy is spent very economically: jars of 30 ml are enough for about 6-9 months of use.

Fourth in the rating were deodorants from the line «INVISIBLE PROTECTION», NIVEA. Nivea is a recognized expert in skin care. In the beauty portfolio of the brand there are deodorants for every taste – for both men and women. For example, the line “Invisible Protection” includes a spray, stick and roller. In the composition of each of the antiperspirants there is no alcohol and dyes, which significantly reduces the risk of irritation. In addition, these funds do not leave white traces on the dark clothes and yellow ones – on the white.

Two more deodorants on the list, but no less effective – «DRY PURPLE» from REXONA and «NEO» FROM GARNIER. From the name of antiperspirants from Rexona it is clear that their composition implies micro particles of powder. A unique complex of ingredients developed by Unilever specialists is activated at the slightest movement, the shell of microcapsules is destroyed, and they block sweat, masking the smell of a floral mix of jasmine, rose, violet and lily of the valley.

“Neo” from Garnier is an antiperspirant of the new generation, which should be paid attention to the owners of sensitive underarm skin. He has an unusual, instantly drying creamy texture that takes care of the skin and provides a reliable protection against sweat and odor for 48 hours.

Do not forget that the choice of deodorant is an intimate and individual matter. It is necessary to try not only advertised, but also other existing means on the market.

Going Vegan? Here Are The Best Vegan Recepies To Try

Some may find becoming a vegan or maintaining a vegan lifestyle odd, or sometimes nearly impossible. Obviously, when it comes to cutting out both meat and dairy products, basically animal products in general, large changes have to be made. However, the severity of the dietary changes can effect different people in many different ways, just simply based on your primary diet this change can be drastic for you. Luckily, there are several easy vegan-centered recipes out there due to helpful and creative sites such as Pinterest and allrecipes. So it’s simple to assume that some recipes might actually help non-vegans convert into a newer and healthier lifestyle in an unexpected and easy way.

One of the best vegan recipes is the vegan churro recipe. Admittingly at first churros may not be the first food that comes to mind when you become a vegan and go through the thought process of foods to either replace or remove from your diet entirely. In contrast however, vegan churros taste good enough to possibly persuade anyone to convert their diet. Vegan churros can also come included with a side of completely vegan salted caramel sauce. Ingredients needed for this recipe are just simple, all you will need to prepare vegan churros are 2 cups of water, mexican vanilla extract, vegetable oil, all-purpose flour, sugar, and salt.

Another odd, and seemingly uncommon vegan recipe that involves a popular dessert is vegan cheese cake. On the surface this seems almost impossible, or that the outcome of this recipe might not taste as good. Still, you will very much be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. To start off, there are many different and assorted cheese cake recipes.with different flavors. Topping it all off, the basic and simple vegan recipe for making this type of cheese cake also comes with a bonus feature; this cheese cake is gluten free. The ingredients included in this recipe are raw cashews, coconut cream, cornstarch, and vegan cream cheese. This recipe is also not a no-bake recipe, so the end result can actually be able to sit at a basic temperature rate for hours without deteriorating in any way, such as freezing or melting over.

Pizza is a favorite of many, and with the trend of the Keto diet, many have figured out ways to emulate classic pizza recipes without carbs. So it makes sense that there are also vegan recipes out there that mirror the same effect, and still keep a delicious taste and make being vegan a delicacy! A common crust used for pizza in keto diets is simply cheese, but if you are vegan you have to get used to cutting out cheese all together, so the crust used in vegan pizza is primarily cauliflour or a garlic herb based crust. Tomato sauce is also included as it already is in most pizzas, topped with more veggies and vegan cheese that is usually parmesan, although many other alternatives for your pizza may still exist, so this recipe can be slightly configured.